Long Time Coming - Scarlett Parrish 3.5 stars. The majority of the issues I had with this book stemmed from my dislike of Piper, the h. She came across initially as a confident woman who knew what she wanted and went after it. Not aggressively but with some assertion. I understood, as the book went on, that she was vulnerable and frightened because she feared needing someone and becoming attached/dependent. But what I HATED was all of her partial thoughts, unfinished sentences and her inability to express herself. Her narration was awkward at times and sometimes even boring because I cared nothing for her.

Seriously, I was so freakin' tired of her starting a sentence and then stopping and then starting but still being unable to finish. WTF? I wanted to slap her. It took me completely out of the story. For her being the protagonist, I felt no connection to her and I was slightly annoyed that her character was so inconsistent. First she is self assured and assertive but then she is confronted by some guy, lewdly but not aggressively, and she is a bag of nerves and can't shut him down.

The reason this book did appeal to me was the H, Leo. He was all kinds of hot and boy did that man love him some sex. A portion of the dialogue between the H and h was stilted but what worked between them really worked. I liked that Piper strived to make Leo lose control and when that control was lost or faltering, when Leo was vulnerable, needy and desperate, the things that he would say...sigh. His vulnerability and amazement in those moments felt real. When he attempted to extend their relationship, when he defended her and reached for her, all of that was great. I wanted more of that. I wanted more of him in those moments.