Kiss This - Hadley Quinn An enjoyable read. The author made a concerted effort to not have her characters fall into any contrived drama. Her h was strong. The supporting characters were well fleshed out and fun, for the most part. There was humor. The dialogue was decent and the character's back story and career choices were interesting. I actually wish that I saw more of their careers.

I loved the H and h together and although there were times that their dialogue felt forced the author did a good job in showing their connection and their attraction to each other. Their ride in coming together was original and fun and I could easily imagine it. No eye rolls that I can remember. I loved the alternating POV's and the author gave each of them separate voices and personalities.

Both H and h had issues from their past and those issues shaped them and their relationship together. I was glad that the author didn't harp on those issues in excess as has happened in so many NA books. The back lash that existed from their past was realistic and not used as a way to create unnecessary friction and BS angst. The H is swoon worthy and his vulnerability made me sigh. The h is feisty and independent and the author did an excellent job in making her 3 dimensional. It was a good read. 4 stars.