Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan I read this crazy shit titled Unbeautifully and OMG Madeline Sheehan did not disappoint. I was afraid with the delays and rumors that she scrapped the book mid write that she would not be able to deliver the train wreck required after Undeniable but she did.

Ours was the furthest thing from a picture-perfect romance; it was more of a car crash, a metal-bending, blood splattered disaster that left no survivors, only bad memories and heartache.

But it was ours.

And because it was ours...I wouldn't change a thing.

MS makes no apologies for the shit that she throws at us. She makes it filthy and dirty and violent but somewhere in there she also shows love and tenderness.

I liked that the MC's from book 1 had a prominent role in this book. Perfection. Their struggles were realistic and painful. The supporting characters were well fleshed out. I loved that all the characters were annoyed by Dorothy and the whining over her choices. MS had no sympathy for Dorothy and I am glad that she had all of Dorothy's friends treat her whining like a broken record and tune that shit out because that's fucking reality.

My only fear is that as the series continues will MS be able to shape each character as an individual and not rehash the same characters over and over again. 4.5 stars.