The Other C-Word - M.K. Schiller The beginning of this book was torture to get through. I didn't enjoy the author's attempt at humor and I felt no connection to the H or h. I didn't like the author's writing style and because the book was written in the h's 1st person narrative I didn't like the h's "voice" either. It annoyed me that something would take place and then the h would explain see he gets me or that's how we act in our family. It was unnecessary because the events, dialogue, interactions showed that and I didn't want those little tag alongs as if the reader needed further explanations.

The book picked up at about 55% or 56% for me. I liked the H and his possessiveness and how much he cared for the h and wanted a relationship with her. I liked that he was completely enamored with her and was frustrated when she seemed to be keeping some distance between them. I liked that he fought that distance and fought to be more in the h's life. I also liked the increased interactions with the h's family. Their humor worked a lot better than the earlier stuff written, which grated on my nerves.

I liked the events towards the end of the book and it would have been sweet if the author had spent some time having us live in those moments instead of just telling us all that happened. At that point the story was definitely told and not shown. And as I stated, I still liked what was happening I just would have enjoyed it so much more if I had been immersed in everything that was happening because I felt much more invested in them as a couple.

Secondary couples, Adam and Stevie, should have had their own book first because this book would have been an awesome way to "showcase" couple number 2 in a series while still giving couple number 1 a great continuation. It would have been perfect because their love and humor (Adam and Stevie) was excellent. Adam and Stevie had depth and character and the reader had an excellent sense of who they were and where they were going.