Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose Okay, although this book is written in first person I really felt no connection to Gavin. Ben seems to always be lecturing and teaching so I didn't feel a connection to him either. The wife's a bitch? I know because I am told but their arguments don't seem that out of line but I am told about her selfishness so I guess she is...whatever.

This seemed like a book where the sole purpose(?) was to teach and educate the reader about BDSM and this power exchange. And maybe because I felt that I was being taught I couldn't immerse myself in the story...what story? It seemed that the case that was being worked on was there to introduce Gavin to the life. Everything seemed so contrived from the nature of the case, the consultant working the case, Gavin's partner, his wife, to the reason why he becomes unhinged and needs to submit so he can gain control of himself. Puh-lease! Nothing felt natural. I was detached throughout this book but I found it tolerable until the fucking end and it pissed me off because I saw it coming and I couldn't figure out why Gavin didn't.

Now about this ending. I want to beat the shit out of fucking Gavin for being the stupidest homicide detective around. If I was his partner I would dismiss his ass and put in a request for a new partner because he is just too fucking stupid to trust. He absolutely couldn't have my back if he is so careless with his own and that of his lover. His stupidity just took this from a 3 star read down to a 2. There is no excuse for his lack of caution and awareness.