Bolt-Hole - Amy Lane I thought this book gave a very realistic portrayal of Terrell and Colby. Terrell is a black man from a poor ghetto neighborhood who is angry and bitter and all but given up on being able to have a happy fulfilling life. I thought that it was great that the author delved into the real pitfalls/difficulties that can occur in interracial relationships. She gave voice to many concerns that exist for blacks and their frustrations.

Colby was wonderful and optimistic and damned HOPEFUL. He was the definite pursuer in the relationship and so willing to fight for what he wanted. He was desperate to banish all of Terrell's fears and help him see beyond what was right in front of him. He wanted him to dream and to believe in more than he saw so that he could grasp what Colby was offering.

So I liked the growth of their relationship and I liked how Terrell had to overcome his fears and how how Colby remained steady and strong, hopeful yet fearful, but I did not care for the side story regarding the manager. Towards the end I really began to feel the connection between Terrell and Colby but early on I wasn't as involved. 3.5 stars