Kindling the Moon - Jenn Bennett Kindling the Moon is amazing!! I am so impressed that I am kicking myself for having waited so long to read it. This fantasy world is different from other worlds that have been written about and these characters are so authentic that you immediately feel a connection with them. Lon is hot, confident, and arrogant but he allows himself to be vulnerable enough to lower his guard in order to welcome Arcadia into his life. His son, Jupe, is one of a kind hilarious. Love his character and love that Jenn Bennett choose to break away from the norm by having him as a major part of Kindling. And Arcadia is strong, independent but with a softness and a great sense of humor.

The interactions between the characters are loving and fun and completely natural. There is not a lot of telling in this book. Jenn Bennett shows you. We know why Arcadia is enamored with Lon and Jupe and we know why they care for her so much. We know why they like spending time together because this author shows us how that time is spent. I cannot wait to read more about Arcadia, Lon and Jupe and this wonderful world of Demons and Magicians! A wonderful start to a new series written by an author with a quirky, intelligent and unique voice.