Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning Darkfever is a fantastic start to this series. KMM has created a world unlike any I have seen before and a protagonist (Mac) that is realistic and likeable. When I first began reading I felt that maybe I would not like this girl who seems spoiled and consumed with pink but quickly I was able to witness her strength and determination. Barrons is an H like no other. He is brutally honest, sarcastic and dismissive but he has Mac's back and it is clear that he will protect her. I like their interactions with one another and the internal dialogue that they have. I like the mystery of Barrons and how Mac is able to cling to her core in the face of the new life she must contend with. I like the hunt for OOPs and that Mac realizes her value in the partnership between her and Barrons and therefore refuses to be submissive towards him. I even like her resistance to change too much out of fear that she will no longer be able to 'see' herself. But primarily I love that Mac is not in awe of Barrons and that her internal dialogue about him isn't that he is so hot and how she wants him blah blah blah. She has an agenda and that agenda is her priority. If you haven't begun this series...do so now. I hear it only gets better and this start is phenomenal!