Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning Bloodfever begins soon after Darkfever ends. I like that the mystery of Barrons still continues. Who is he? What is he? And what is his end game? What isn't in question is that Barrons is still willing to act as Mac's protector. I was very impressed that when Mac was given information that could have caused her to question Barrons loyalty, honesty and intentions KMM does not use that as an excuse to bring on the angst and sense of betrayal that a lesser author might have. Instead, Mac is allowed to be a strong, logical woman and analyze her relationship with Barrons through clear lenses and accept truths about who they are to one another and the reality of their partnership. I dislike when conflicts are created without backbone because an author wants/needs angst and cannot, does not or is unable to deliver angst through authenticity. If KMM had allowed Mac to leave Barrons so that he would've had to chase her and convince her with WORDS what his actions had already proven to her I would've been so disappointed.

KMM is a skilled author. She has created an original world, a h that demonstrates growth, a H that is intriguing and mysterious, an enemy that is seriously bad and alliances that cannot be fully trusted. All this leads to one seriously fantastic series that is only getting better.