The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1) - J.A. Redmerski I'm still riding on an emotional I have no idea if what I am writing will make sense. This is a beautiful book. It allows you, through alternating POV's, to understand both characters as they attempt to not fall in love with each other. Naturally, they are unable to help following the path that they were meant to take. And that path was the path to each other. They filled a need, a passion for one another and the audience sees this passion, knows this passion, understands this passion and believes in this passion. The author was great in giving insight to them as the audience witnessed their relationship develop.

The characters are well formed and well developed. These aren't carefree kids out to experience life. These are damaged souls who are trying to learn how to be alive but don't believe that it's something they will really ever experience. What's so special is we get to see them come alive with one another and we begin to believe in them together, even when they still don't believe. I was giddy in their happiness and destroyed in their tragedy. I felt so connected to them that they were real to me. Fucking fantastic book.