Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens I just finished Thoughtless and this book frustrated me to no fucking end. This may contain SPOILERS because I am raging. First, I HATE the h. She is the fucking epitome of TSTL. Did the bitch need to cry every fucking two pages? Sheesh! She got on my damn nerves. She was whiny and sniveling and weak and I wanted to drop kick her and slam her to the ground and spit in her fucking face. I don't think I have ever hated an h more than her.

I didn't feel for her. I didn't give a shit that she was tortured and felt confused and indecisive because she was disgusting. I mean this fucking book was 10400 locations and during the damn first 7000 this stupid bitch was crying and falling apart. Seriously? Grow a pair or just kill yourself cause you are TOO STUPID TO LIVE. (no offense to anyone, I am speaking of a fictional character)

Someone needed to edit this book. I did not need to go the length of 2 books with this weak bitch. She tells herself that her and her jump off (learned that terminology from FB) should have complete honesty so she is upset that he does not offer her full disclosure BUT with HER MAN she doesn't feel the need to disclose shit.

When she wants to find an excuse to spend time with her jump off and thinks of all these lies that she can use, she finally decides against them BECAUSE SHE IS NOT A LIAR. Dumbest bitch EVER. You are fucking around on your man OF COURSE you are a liar.

I mean what did she think the final outcome was going to be when her stupid ass continued to do stupid things? It should be mandatory that ALL people watch soap operas because while over the top they help people make sound decisions. I will never fuck around on my man because in the soaps someone invariably discovers my secret and blackmails me into switching the test results on someones paternity test, or I am framed for murder or they plot against me and steal my family's business. In soaps someone always discovers your secret and you pay the ultimate price. If you grow up believing that shit you curb your stupidity.

And how can you profess to love someone and then make them out to be the fool in front of so many people? You can't. When you sincerely love someone, friend or lover, you try to protect them and she had no thoughts about protecting anyone or anything but her secret.

But the ending was good enough and salacious enough that I would have given the book 4 stars maybe even 4.5 but after going through 7000 fucking locations with the shittiest bitch in the world I can barely give it 3. Didn't anyone tell the author that she shouldn't spend so much time thinking of scenarios so that this bitch could cry?