Bad Rep (Bad Rep, #1) - A. Meredith Walters I thought the writing was so meh that it was irritating. It's 1st person pov from the h and I did not like her voice. She was grating and annoying. Just not well written at all. So, the first half of the book was barely okay and the second half was better only because it contained more of the H, Jordan.

There were many implausible situations: The H not aware of what was going on on campus, him saying that he didn't call because what had to be said needed to be said in person--so no call to even say let's meet? Riiiight. A boss constantly overlooking his employees and their friends engaging in underage drinking and drunkenness. What sensible business owner does this?

This is a book that has a good story, a good premise, and if I told you the story I'm sure you would love it, but if you had to read it you'd be aggravated. At least I was.