Taking Shots (Assassins, #1) - Toni Aleo This book was too long. By 70% I was sighing and ready for them to have their HEA so that this book could end. The h was exhausting and required so much work and the H was beyond perfect. Maybe too perfect. Maybe waaaaay too perfect. I loved him, though.

And the "event" that causes their breakup...I am calling bullshit. Why would you believe the person that has had it out for you for-fucking-ever and discount the person that has cared for you continuously for months? Fuck insecurity! I am not buying it. Lame. It was an enjoyable book for the most part but the shit with her family was ridiculous. The father allowing shit to go on although he LOVES his daughter drove me bat shit crazy.

Pet Peeve in movies and books. When the bad guy is confronted about the shit that they have done and they reveal way more than is necessary and say shit that is counterproductive to what their goal was/is.

If I want you to hate so and so why would I then mention all of these positive things that this person has done, because after I tell you all of this, guess what? You won't hate them anymore. If I want you to realize that you have made a mistake in your choice or thought process regarding someone why would I then speak of this person's negative and hurtful actions--that you didn't even know about? It will only confirm that you made the right choice in leaving them alone.

Find another way to divulge this info please because having your sworn enemy do it MAKES NO SENSE!