Unleashed - Cherrie Lynn I liked it. My pet peeve right now is authors who write about a woman with insecurities and during the whole book the h whining about said insecurities. Very annoying and, honestly, who would want to spend their time with someone like that? Comes across as so unrealistic.

Well, this book has an insecure woman but she isn't obsessed with her body or how beautiful she is or isn't/ Her insecurity lies in giving her heart to a man who had it for years and callously discarded it because of his unwillingness to commit at a time when he liked being free.

I liked that the h had a friend that immediately checked her on her bullshit and made her own it so that I wouldn't have to read pages and pages of her whining about her situation and not accepting any responsibility for the shit that happened in and to her life. Bravo.