Tidal - Emily Snow I really enjoyed this book. I wasn't bored nor did I become annoyed. It's not the best book but what it did well it did very well. I wish I had connected to the characters more but I connected with them enough that I knew that I liked them and wanted them to have a HEA.

Both characters (H and h) were realistic enough but what really amazed me was how the h was handled. This book could have been a whine fest with the h lamenting all the things in her life that had gone wrong from failed relationships, a career in shambles, disinterested parents, her weight and a myriad of other things, but there was no whining. Facts were given, so as a reader I knew what they were but life went on.

This was not a book where the majority of the time was spent with the h having constant inner monologues where she berates herself, or reminds herself why she is not worthy or is constantly pushing the H away because how could he love her. Beautiful. That alone impressed me so much because I am tired of authors thinking that the only way insecurity can be shown is with the h constantly crying and whining page after page. Gawd, can we stop that?