The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton,  Lesli Richardson Wow, this was an emotional read. I connected well with Seth who is faced with the imminent death of his best friend of over 40 years, Kaden. And immediately after receiving that news he gets another bombshell...Kaden's request that Seth take Kaden's wife as his own, starting now.

I believed every step and emotion that Seth went through. From the constant mantra that his friend is dying, because I believe once you are felled with that knowledge it is a constant with you. I loved his hesitation with developing a relationship with the wife and I understood his heartbreak and his attempt to be strong and adhere to who his friend needed him to be.

I also loved Kaden. I felt his desperation and need to fully care for the two people he loved most in the world, even after his death. He was completely unselfish because he understood and accepted his inevitable death. All he wanted was to make sure everything was in place for those left behind.

I didn't connect as well with Leah. At first I couldn't understand her immediate acquiescence to what was asked of her but once I understood her background and her feelings I got it. I still didn't feel connected to her but I got where she was coming from.

Going into this book I thought that it might be over the top, unrealistic and manipulative but it read very true and very authentic to me. I loved this book and even now I am crying because of my own loss that I was reminded of and made to feel in extremes.