Acrobat - Mary Calmes Acrobat was yummy. So good. Mary Calmes has a way of writing that is so charming but if another author wrote her stories they would probably come across as corny and cheesy. This is a great story. I usually read MM for the sex but at 50% in I realized that there hadn't been any sex and I didn't care. The story was so good and the characters so awesome that I was completely captivated by the story, sex or no sex. But when the sex came--HOT!

I thought the author did a great job with Michael. So many authors write teens in a way that I find completely unrealistic, but I believed in the way that Michael was portrayed and I loved his and Nate's relationship. I liked how all the secondary characters were written. It didn't matter what Nate was doing or who was in the scene with him I enjoyed the ride completely. Mary Calmes has a great writing style and I felt that I knew each character even though the book is written in first person from Nate's perspective.

And Dreo Dreo Dreo. What a sexy ass man. He was hot and determined and to know how he felt for years and the moves that he made to realize his dreams...beautiful.