Vain - Fisher Amelie Vain was completely different than I anticipated, which was good. It highlighted real life global issues and people's ability to turn a blind eye so as not to really "see" the harm that has befallen a country. It wasn't preachy at all though.

I liked Sophie and I liked Ian but felt I never really saw Sophie as the vain, unconcerned socialite because there wasn't a lot of time spent with her before her change. I would have liked to see her more in her vain state so that her transformation could have had more of an impact on me. Also, I didn't feel the desperation that Sophie and Ian felt for one another though I was able to imagine it based on their lifestyle and their heightened sense of awareness that their living arrangements caused.

I also didn't understand, at the end of the book, the actions of Ian's mother and Sophie's father. We didn't get to see what caused their actions or what lead up to it, but with Sophie's father we could guess.