Avoiding Commitment - K.A. Linde OMG! Avoiding Commitment is a train wreck. And it held me captive from near beginning until the end. I mean these two people were destructive and emotional and confused and I loved it. So sad. So so sad. And I actually did feel sad for the h even though some of her behavior was abhorrent. I felt for her. I didn't see her as whiny although she did whine some and I didn't see her as horrible even as she acted horribly. I saw her as a victim of something stronger than herself and a slave to a passion she wasn't able to rise above.

The story alternates between present and past. Both are equally riveting and the past, as it slowly unfolds, unearths the damage that was done and how the future is shaped by that damage. In addition, as you are reading you have no idea where the author is leading you. It's a crazy ass ride but it's a ride that that you cling to refuse to get off 'cause ya gotta know where it will take you.

I also liked that the author gave some insight into multiple characters and not just the h. That was interesting, and although it wasn't done often when it was done I really liked it. Great read and although it was long, after the beginning it didn't read long at all.