The Lonely - Tara Brown This was such a great book. I was completely confused as to where the story was going and what the book was going to really be about and then at about 30% the book took a sharp turn and careened off a cliff. I didn't know what the hell had happened and I was giving death stares to any person that interrupted me while I struggled to find out.

I was completely invested and addicted and captivated. I loved the h's story...her completely crazy and fucked up story. There is so much to this book and I keep erasing what I have typed because I don't want to spoil the ride for anyone else that may happen across this review. When I first began the book I thought this was a 3 maybe a 3.5 star read. When I hit the first turn I was like 5 stars all the fucking way and then at maybe 3/4 into the book I thought that this would be a 4 star read. By the time I finished this book had leveled out at 4.5/5 for me.

I thought I was going to have to call bullshit on how one character was being handled but the author does a great job in having another character call bullshit and correct the course of action that the h was heading down. I love when author's don't make their MC's choice easy by demonizing a character in order to provide an easy out. I love when there are supporting characters that give voice to my thoughts and check the MC's on what they are doing. Really good book, primarily because I felt completely connected to all the characters in the book.

This book comes complete with enough twists and turns to make you crazy (and addicted), enough sadness and tragedy to make you cry and so much love and hope and belief that you become completely enamored. The more I think about the book the more I realize how wonderful it is.