Unbroken - Melody Grace 2.5 stars. This book is completely from the h's POV and she has a lot of internal dialogue that does nothing to shed light on her relationship with Emerson, the H. It also does nothing to make me like or connect to her either. There is one flashback scene that shows the introduction between the H and h but nothing that demonstrates their love. The h just tells you over and over how epic their love was but we don't get to see it for ourselves. When they finally do reconnect it's all sex with hardly any dialogue except for the obligatory possessive "You're mine..." from the H, but still nothing that shows a connection between the two or allows us better insight into Emerson. So, I didn't like the h, (btw, I didn't dislike her so much either, I just felt nothing towards her) I didn't connect to the H and this book was a classic tell and not show read. Not good.