Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder This book started strong. It was all about young love and then it takes a turn that I didn't expect. I thought the author handled this change of events well and realistically. I liked the relationship between the H and the h. I loved that their growth together was blanketed with pain and tragedy because I believed in it. I loved when Colton's POV was introduced and I loved them together musically.

But it seemed that once they "got together" my enjoyment in the book began to wan. A lot of it was because I didn't truly connect with Nell anymore and I was tired of her ohmigod statements. The story just lost it's appeal and their all consuming love seemed forced. And then so much past tragedy was introduced and it was so much that I didn't even feel it at all, which was sad because I felt the earlier tragedy completely. I lost my connection to them. I'm leaning towards 3 stars.