Written in Red - Anne Bishop I finally finished this book and I understand all the rave reviews. By the time a reader reaches the very climatic end there is drama, action, a greater connection to the characters and much longing for the developing relationship between Simon and Meg. This book ends on an exceptionally high note.

Getting to that ending was a struggle for me. And although the feeling I had at the end of this book almost made me forget how much I struggled, I still remembered.

I love the world that was created. I like that the Others are predators. They are fierce and dangerous and are superior. Humans are food, meat, but they have value so the Others attempt to co exist with them...to an extent. As long as the humans remember that they are the inferior species.

Because the Others are so creepy and fierce and dangerous and different from many other paranormals this book had the potential to be awesome...all the way through. They pose a danger to each other AND they don't give a shit about humans and see them strictly as prey. Not in a romantic sense but literally. The interactions among characters should have been better. There is a lot of telling in this book without the author giving "complete" reactions and responses to what has happened so that I could feel more connected to the characters and to what was happening in the story.

This book was slow. I felt a disconnect that did not have to be there. The "drama" was hidden in paragraphs at times instead of being in the forefront so that as a reader I could be more engaged and really live in the moment of what was happening in the story.

Although somewhat puzzled at how the Others accepted Meg's missteps, as the story progressed I understood their acceptance more. I liked the relationship between the H and h but had hoped to feel a more emotional connection to them, individually and as a couple. I also liked that the story was told from many points of view but I still felt that a disservice was done because the points of view didn't allow for that emotional connection that I felt this book was lacking. I knew characters did something. I was told their explanations but nothing really beyond that.

I will continue with this series and I hope that the author gives a book with enough action, drama and connection that these characters and that this world deserves. I also hope that the humor is still there as well.