Immortal Protector - Elizabeth Finn Unfortunately this book was not so great for me. I really liked EF's other books that I have read but with this book I felt a disconnect to the characters. I thought the premise was good. Actually the premise was very good and as I read the beginning of the book I had high hopes. The problem for me is that there isn't enough interaction between the the H and h so I never felt/understood their undying love for one another. I thought that the H came across as vulgar simply because I felt that I didn't know him nor did the h really know him.

There is a lot of internal dialogue in the beginning of this book but even all of that didn't help me connect to the H and h. I didn't feel that these monologues added enough insight and depth. The H and h, especially the h, rarely have interactions with others so I was amazed to find that all of these other characters loved the h. How? When? I wish that we had seen the development of their affection for her. To be truthful, when the H first admits to himself that he loves the h I was surprised because I didn't feel a bond between them.

The second half of the book did pick up and I definitely thought that it was better than the first half. I felt their connection more and the H didn't come across as creepy as he did towards the beginning.