Haven from the Storm (Storms of Life, #1) - Sarah Dosher 2.5 stars. This is a book that tries really hard to be inspirational and deep and uplifting but it comes across as kind of cheesy.

The author throws so much darkness, misery and pain at the h so that we can witness her rise above it and find her happiness. As readers we are to be enriched by her victory and through quotes (many from the author herself) that begin each chapter and also by an animal that seems to be reincarnated.

The h is "strong" but really asserts herself by standing up to the H when he falters and shits on her, and again when she decides to stand up to her abusive father so that she can save those around her (a bit too late.) It all seemed Lifetime Movie Special where everything comes across as exaggerated in an attempt to try and milk as much emotion as possible.

The author sees the h as strong. I disagree. In her dealings with the H there is some strength but the author appears to want her to be celebrated by how she has dealt with the abuse in her life but I found myself annoyed instead and didn't buy into her "strength" at all.

One aspect that I did appreciate was the character that acted as the reader's voice, so when the H is being stupid this character curses him out on our behalf.