Sins & Needles - Karina Halle Holy shit, I'm addicted. This book is about dark, damaged people. This is not a light, fluffy read. Sins has a darkness to it, a depth, and a bleakness to it that I have yet to see in any other NA book.

In S & N, no one is without flaws and without scars and I love that this book is gritty and raw and doesn't hold back punches. It's "real" and not OTT in the way that some books can be drama filled and angsty. The h is not ideal and she is not an innocent. She is fucked and what she does is fucked and yet I rooted for her anyway. Usually I hate books with this premise so it took me a minute to warm up to it. But I liked and respected that the author didn't try and excuse her behavior and didn't try and make her into something she wasn't. She does bad things. And even when you know why, her behavior isn't excused or JUSTIFIED.

But it was Camden who rocked this book for me. He is so strong and courageous but he is also damaged and hurt and my heart broke for him. I LOVED him. He knows the h, scars and all, but sees beyond her brittle surface to who she really is. He accepts her fully and I respected him for his ability and willingness to do that. 4.5 stars