Waiting for You - Shey Stahl OMFG! After getting past the first few pages this book totally kicked ass. I loved that the reader really got to know the characters and watch as they fall in love and connect to each other. I loved how vulnerable Dylan was and how much he loved Bailey. I believed every step of their romance and Dylan is absolutely my new boyfriend. He was fucking delicious and the intimate scenes were beautiful and hot.

But there were issues. The editing was totally jacked. I have no idea what the fuck happened but it was some of the worst editing I have seen in a long while. While amazed at the editing fiasco, I barely complained because the romance was just that good. The ending kinda dragged for me. There are secrets but they aren't thrown in the face of the reader at every turn and the ending is the resolution of one of these secrets and the aftermath/carnage left behind. I was more interested in the H and h being together rather than them working through issues but that was my deal.

I loved this book because I love when an author is capable of using dialogue and character interactions in a way that allow readers to get to know characters right along with the main character(s) in the book. I have to imagine that it's hard to do which is why so many authors have their characters use internal monologues to explain why they have fallen in love with another character. The beauty, if it can be done, lies in showing readers why a girl/woman has fallen for her man. I love falling in love with the H right along with the h so when an author is successful in delivering that I am impressed. Color me impressed.