The Girl in 6E - This book was freaking awesome.

I looked at the cover of this book and I thought I knew exactly what this book was going to be about. I was completely wrong. The author did her research because I believed the world this h lived in. There was so much detail but it wasn't given in a rote or boring way and I felt that I knew so much.

This is not a romance book but it is intriguing and different and captivating. It is well written and it has great depth and great character development. What I liked a lot was that the book comes at you from different angles and you don't know why or what the fuck is going on but as the book progresses all the pieces fit together and then it just clicks.

The book is dark and it deals with shit that normal NA books don't deal with but I barely put this book down because the writing was so good and the world she lived in was so well fleshed out.

My issue: the ending was rushed, I wanted more. And there was a part that if she had her priorities on point she would have given info to others for a faster result. But those things are minor compared to how much this book pulled me in. LOVE! 4.5 stars