Undressed (The Manhattanites, #1) - Avery Aster This book could've been great. In fact, this book should have been great. The premise is smart and interesting and had enough teeth to make a fantastic and thrilling enemies to lovers story. But several factors hold it back.

The first is that I felt a lack of connection to the H and h. I have no idea why they were initially attracted to one another and whether/how it went beyond a physical attraction. Their attraction came across like they had an itch that needed to be scratched and low and behold we have someone from the opposite sex with nails that can do just that. It took way too long to establish a connection.

The second was that the H and h are vulgar and crude and them being together sexually made me cringe. Especially, as stated above, because I didn't feel a connection to them. It was like a stranger walking up to me and telling me he was going to put his big, thick, cock in me. Huh? Gross. The sex dialogue was not erotic or sensual but instead it seemed to come from a porn flick. There was no stomach clenching, no sighing, no smiling from me. The sex was over the top and felt nasty. There was no feeling involved and no gradual build up so it was: the H does blah blah blah and then commence with the porn dialogue and screams so we know it felt good to her but as a reader I was disconnected and didn't really see why it felt good. They were straight fucking without a feeling of love or passion involved at all.

Plus, I hated that at the beginning of the story the h is furious that the H is about to screw her and her company over and she is so upset that she will lose her company and her livelihood and go bankrupt and be a laughingstock blah blah blah and she still spends so much time wondering about getting the H's "dick to rise." Say what? You are about to lose everything and the man that has so callously told you this is business and is about to cause your downfall has you so preoccupied? I think not. Stress and fear should have wiped out her libido.

So why did I keep reading? Well there was a story there that if properly fostered could have been great. An enemies to lovers book. And I liked that when the author could've chosen a "misunderstanding" to keep the couple apart she made them smart and reasonable so that they could immediately see the truth in each other's actions. I also liked the H and h's back story but all of that wasn't enough to overcome the worst sex scenes ever and a lack of connection to the H and h. The book did get better as it progressed but not the sex scenes.