Breathe Into Me - Amanda  Stone So very meh. Another NA where there is an introduction to show attraction and then the h tells us how wonderful the H is and recaps a period of time in which she has learned about him. Now she is half way in love and at this point the author can move the story along and give us the obligatory scenes where the H says all these passionate things and shows his possessiveness blah blah blah.

There is also the standard tragedy in the h's life so we can hear over and over and over again how damaged she is blah blah blah.

But the ending is what really took the cake. So unrealistic. Convictions overturned without anyone ever speaking to the sole witness in the case. A "normal" boy going crazy straight out of the blue and a kiss that couldn't be stopped.

2 stars because there were scenes between the H and the h that I liked. But the story was predictable, and then completely ridiculous at the end. The dialogue was often awkward and I didn't feel a connection to any of the characters except the H on occasion. And that was because he, as the tortured lead, had to bare his soul and become vulnerable so we could all swoon over his love for the h. Nice words but the emotion behind it was lacking.

IMO, the lack of connection was because the author skimmed when an emotional connection could have been developed by delving deeper and using some of the thousands of words in the book to develop characters instead of harping about the h and her damaged past and how she use to be. This way, as a reader I could connect to them and maybe they could feel genuine.

And BTW so much was made about the H hating this one guy but that hate was never explained. Why make a big deal out of it just to drop it in the end. Huh?