Breach - K.I. Lynn I really, really enjoyed this book. I can see why some would find the h's treatment by the H offensive but I wasn't bothered at all. There is a lot of dirty talk in which the H calls the h a whore and slut etc. plus he is rough with her. I understand that that is not everyone's cupa but I didn't mind. Both the H and the h are damaged and I believed their damage and the reasons behind it.

I like that the h has issues but doesn't whine. This story could've taken her bleak upbringing and made her a shy, innocent, timid, whiny, annoying twit but thankfully the author decided to go another way.

I believed the pull that the characters had toward one another, I liked the supporting cast. I want the H and h to have an HEA even though there is much against them. This is a continuation story. I didn't realize it when I started the book. I heard good new book with lots of dirty talk and that was enough for me to grab it.