Sweet Thing - Renée Carlino 4.5 stars. I am in love with Will, the H. This book is about an h who falls in love but is in denial and the guy that loves her and wants her to find herself. Some have told me that the book is slow and I can see why they would say that. The book doesn't have the typical outbursts from NA H's that we have found to be the norm. Will is passionate but he is also mature and so signs of possessiveness and jealousy are few and short lived.

But in reading this book you really get to know the characters in depth. And Will's love, pain and passion is clearly seen. He loves the h so much and he loves music so much and damn he is fucking awesome. I loved this book because I felt like I was witnessing a snippet in time in someone's life. I watched the h make mistake after mistake and while she frustrated me I understood that she made her decisions based on what she had predetermined as her necessaries for a happy life. She had to live and learn and have faith so that she could realize her best life.

But it was Will that really stood out. So while this book is not dramatic and more like a slow burn I was very happy to have lived there with them for a time period. I'll give it a 4.5 stars because even though I tend to like more angst and drama and a bit more alpha male this book was romantic and realistic and it had lessons that were delivered in a way that wasn't preachy. It was a beautiful story and when I reflect back on it I can only be pleased.