After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna 4.5 stars. I loved this book. When I read the author's previous book, [b:Willing Victim|8812286|Willing Victim|Cara McKenna||13686547], what I liked most about it was the realism. That aspect has been carried over to this book as well. There is no insta-love. No over the top swooning and possessiveness. No uber billionaire. What we are given are two ordinary people, working ordinary jobs, living ordinary lives who start on the path of falling in love. That's what makes this book so extraordinary. There is no gimmick, no phoniness, no extremes. Just a realism that is so beautiful in its simplicity and ability to connect.

The h is self aware without whine and has plenty of grit, and the H is strong, reliable, dependable...a true provider, but also he is fucking awesome and sexy as hell. I loved them together but more than that, I loved being there to witness them start their lives together as a couple. Sometimes you see regular people on the street and you wonder how they got together. Not because they are an odd pairing but because every couple has a story... This is their story and it was a great one.