The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) - Tabitha McGowan I finished this book yesterday and wow. Just wow. I have never hated a bitch in a book as much as I hated Blaine. I was annoyed and disgusted by Celeste from the Wolf Pack series and Kiera from the Thoughtless series made me want to throw up but Blaine made me want to become a fictional character in a book just so I could kill her and then kill Coyle right afterwards.

Thank god these were just supporting characters that were there to make the lives of the H and h miserable. They succeeded. They made me feel miserable too.

This book is so well written that I was engaged throughout. The book is desolate and bleak and sad and horror filled but it also contains an abundance of hope, love and affection. The h is probably one of my favorite h's of all time. She is strong, smart and self assured. She has a mouth on her and a confidence that allows her to be true to herself without shame or apologies. She comes across as bitchy initially which I still appreciated her because she owned it without excuses.

The H is strong when he could be broken and has the most tragic and damaged lives of any H that I have ever read but he doesn't whine and he isn't a victim, though he is victimized. The message in the book is clear: who you are is not determined by what happens to you or what you are forced to do. Great book.