Arouse (Spiral of Bliss, #1) - Nina Lane 3.5 stars. After so many friends were pushing for me to read this book I finally caved. There were many things that I liked about the book: The characters were already in an established relationship at the start of the book, The flashbacks of their relationship established/solidified their connection, The H's vulnerability especially when we got his POV, The breakdown of the H and h's relationship was realistic, supporting character of Kelsey was great BUT there was a disconnect there.

I liked both H and h but I didn't feel close to them. I didn't feel like I was living their shit at the same time as them. There was a distance or a reserve there that prevented me from completely immersing myself in their lives. I felt like I was watching from the outside so I knew what was going on, could relate to their struggles but couldn't connect on a visceral level. 3.5 stars. I'll round up to 4 because the premise was fresh and I liked that the author took chances with the characters and their behavior and struggles. I loved that she had such a strong character in Kelsey.