Delayed Penalty (Crossing the Line, #1) - Shey Stahl I have been looking forward to Delayed Penalty with almost bated breath. But what a disappoint this book was. The first 35% - 40% was so slow I almost gave up on it several times. It picked up slightly but it was so repetitive. We had to read about what hockey players feel and do and how they act...all centered around them being tough and rough and kick ass. By the end of the book I was rolling my eyes. And we also had to read as the H lamented about the fragility of the h over and over and over again. He spent so much time talking about her sad and horrible past and what she went through and his anger surrounding it that her predicament no longer had an impact on me. I was bored with it.

The H's POV dragged and his voice never connected with me. By the time the H and h got together I barely cared. I should have really liked this book but the delivery was bad. The H's voice needed to not be so repetitive and it needed more kick. Too many things seemed disjointed.

And OMG what the hell was up with the whole San Jose away game? The characters are in San Jose and the H winds up at the hospital and he tells his teammate to call a Chicago detective and that detective ends up at the hospital to see him???? WTF? Did the author forget that they were at an away game in CALIFORNIA? Because later they leave the hospital to go to their hotel only to have taken a cab or whatever to their condo. What??? When did they leave San Jose? How did they get home? I thought the h didn't fly. All of the San Jose events were pretty crappy. I didn't like the resolution that yielded from that trip nor did I like how any of it was played out.

Seriously, this book had too many wonderful elements for it to end up the way that it did. I just found myself sighing way too often with irritation.