Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma This author weaved a realistic story. I completely believed the environment that Maya and Lochan lived in. The characters felt real to me as did their suffering due to the bleakness of their lives. I liked that the book wasn't salacious. Better than many others, this author showed the gloomiest of lives without being over the top or coming across as disingenuous. Nothing seemed written for effect, every word and every feeling was expressed without a feeling of exaggeration. That alone made me more connected and more engaged in the story.

Throughout the book I felt sorry for them. But I, especially, wanted Lochan to have a happy life and get from under all of the pressure and responsibility that he was forced to take on. The book is written in alternating POV's and the characters are completely different as their POV's demonstrate. Maya is optimistic and a dreamer while Lochan is all nerves, stress and realism. But he wants to dream. He wants it so badly.