Abduction - Varian Krylov The beginning was somewhat slow and at the end the writing style was weird because the author stopped transitioning into new scenes. Also, while I liked that we were given the chance to see what happened after the capture some of it didn't sit that well with me.

This book is definitely not for someone that has issues with people being coerced into sexual situations. There is no violence so the characters weren't beaten into submission etc. but they are placed in scenarios where they are forced to do things that they didn't choose. It also deals with the guilt and shame that they feel for enjoying those things done to them and that they did to others.

One thing that I did enjoy were the conversations between Captor and Victim in which the Captor rationalizes what he is doing. He believes that these forced experiences are things that are wanted so he feels justified in removing freedom of choice in order to give it. And if not something that the victim wanted that the pleasure felt by those forced actions makes it worthwhile. "...this delicious, intense experience, would never have been possible for you had someone not forced it upon you." He refuses to believe/accept that those few minutes of ecstasy can have detrimental results for that person going forward.

The book is long, it has a lot of sex/sexual situations but it also makes you think and dissect. What's happening to them is wrong because it's against their will. But they enjoy it and they aren't being hurt. Still, they are being forced...but it's something they secretly want and fantasize about. Hmm.