Black Heart (Cursed Hearts, #1) - R.L. Mathewson This book was just okay. Some things that made me pause: Why did everyone put up with Tristan being such an asshole? Although the readers know his issues no one else does and I just didn't get Marty taking his shit constantly. Also, I didn't get the age difference between Tristan and Marty. He was born a few years before Marty. Marty trails after him when they are younger and she looked up to him as a big brother. As they get older their feelings for each other change and become romantic. But then she states that their first kiss took place when she was 15, a freshman, and that Tristan was a senior. How? Unless they were the same age, because Tristan graduated from college at 18 and got his masters at 21. So, as a senior he had to be 14 or 15, the same age as Marty.

I was okay at overlooking Marty accepting that Tristan was an asshole and treated her like shit on occasion but she loved him anyway. Sigh... But then the brothers are introduced at close to 70% in and the book nosedived after that. The banter between the brothers was annoying. Marty becoming this kick ass fighter, soooooo fucking annoying and Marty's lack of shock at the discovery of the brothers, didn't feel believable. She was arguing about something so inconsequential when all of her questions should have been about the brothers surrounding her.