Lick - Kylie Scott I love how the book started. Very original so it piqued my interest right away. I like the h's personality. h's are usually inconsequential to me unless they are really bad or really stupid and annoying. But this h hits all the right notes. The author did a great job in allowing the reader to watch as their relationship develops through their interactions and dialogue. I love when an author doesn't skip this crucial step. I love that the h didn't playing dumb about her situation and the H's feeling in regards to what has happened.

This book kept me glued to it. I loved that the book wasn't focused on the H's profession and that the h didn't whine throughout due to her size or her lack of experience or because she was jealous. The facts were there but never were they harped on or dragged out.

This book is sweet, but I love sweet as long as it isn't overdone. Great intro to this author.