Grave Refrain: A Love/Ghost Story - Sarah M Glover I read Grave Refrain: A Love/Ghost Story as part of a buddy read. And I am glad that it was part of a buddy read because it made me push myself past a less than stellar beginning.

Once I was into the book there were several amazing things that I loved. I loved Andrew because he was a true tortured, passionate, possessive H. I loved his obsession/madness with the h and I loved every aspect of him and his music and his band. I loved that the band was right on the cusp of stardom and how that affected him and the h. I liked that the h was quirky and I liked that even when she was insecure and afraid she stayed in the relationship. If the book had centered around their relationship, both of their insecurities within the relationship, his obsession/madness, and the music/band I would have liked it much more. I did also enjoy the supporting characters, especially Simon with his doubts concerning the h and how out of control the H is in regards to her.

The book is long, too many times written passively, and it was incredibly busy because along with all of that, the characters are also dealing with ghosts. For whatever reason, I was not completely sold on the ghosts and felt that they were not needed. There was enough meat in the remaining parts of the story to provide an excellent book with a more manageable length.

All that said, Andrew was a fucking fantastic H and his passion and obsession for the h was riveting. He was truly tortured and mad at times. It brought to mind all the stories about artists feeling more deeply and responding with more fervor than normal folks. When the H and h came together they were frenzied and intense...pure ecstasy. I loved it. He was protective and frantic and I loved that too. I just wished it wasn't interspersed with the whole ghost story line, otherwise it would have been a 5 star read.