Starr Fated (Starr, #1) - G.E. Griffin This book started off differently, with 3 POV's and an interesting set up. I was pretty excited even though I thought the writing was simplistic. Unfortunately, this book did not live up to my expectations. I didn't like the writing style, especially statements written and then qualified. It just wasn't smooth. The h was somewhat of a Pollyanna. So strong and independent and resourceful and innocent. The dialogue was stilted and then became awkward in the bedroom. I hated that the H coached her through her orgasms and the way he wanted to teach her about sex and pleasure just came across as all wrong. And all of his hesitancy in the bedroom with the "we can stop," "it's all up to you," etc was too much.

I also thought the whole Fated concept was archaic and silly and I'm not really sure it had a place here. I didn't like The One, She is my soul mate crap. The "cliffhanger" ending didn't evoke any emotion from me except irritation. I felt no connection to the characters throughout my read. I was bored for a large portion of the book and a great concept fell flat. It looks like, perhaps, the next book is going to also include the POV of the "other woman." Another great concept; I just have no faith that that the writing will give it justice.

The idea for the book was nice, but the follow through was bad. The drama and angst couldn't even resonate with me because of the disconnect I felt with the characters.