Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey 4 enthusiastic stars. Very surprised at how much I liked this book. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it in the beginning but before I knew it I was laughing aloud. That's no small feat. IMO, humor is very difficult to infuse in books. I don't like slapstick and I don't like corniness. But I do like to imagine a situation and to see the unexpected humor in it. This book allowed me to have lots of those moments.

Mack was a stunning H. A sexy cowboy, who is persistent, romantic and passionate. I loved every facet about him from his strength in appearance to his predatory actions to get his woman and finally to his vulnerability. Sexy as hell.

A great h with that didn't annoy. I wish that the character Hannah didn't come across as deranged and I wasn't sure what to make of Bradley. Is he evil truly, or did he also have a harsh upbringing? Things were hinted but not revealed so it felt kinda unfinished. Plus, I wasn't quite sure at the end how he felt about Andie.

Overall, a great read with romance, sensuality and humor.