More Than This (More, #1) - Jay McLean Fucking WOW! This book was awesome. I was concerned when it began and I knew what was coming but holy shit, this author surprised me. The path that this book took was completely unexpected. I loved every minute of it. Every step. Mikayla was written perfectly. I am so frustrated with the tragic h who is broken and the majority of their story is about their fear and their pain to the point where their fear and pain evokes nothing but eye rolls and sighs from me. There was no secret here, thank GAWD, and the pain described was real and understandable but it wasn't fucking exploited. The author didn't attempt to manipulate readers or drown them in the character's hurt.

The supporting characters were awesome. The dialogue and interactions were realistic and entertaining and I believed who they were. I so enjoyed witnessing the love and connection that developed between Jake and Kayla. When an author shows growth between characters instead of telling us about that growth I am ecstatic. Loved Logan, and before I even finished the book I checked GR to see if this book was a part of a series. It doesn't mention that it is but the book does indicate, at the the very end, that Logan's story will be told. And looks like it will be kick ass!

Jake Fucking Andrews is the perfect mixture of a vulnerable, passionate, tortured lover and possessive, jealous, alpha male. Definitely Swoon Worthy, A Prince, A Knight In Shining Armor, His woman's Happily Ever After and a Mother Fucking BIG DEAL!