A Different Blue - Amy Harmon This book is powerful. It's rich with history (incl myths & legends,) music, poetry and literature. I was impacted by each one. A Different Blue spoke to me on so many levels. It was heart breaking yet breathtaking. It was about discarding labels and changing the course of one's future. It was about understanding that regardless of the road a person is on they are capable of making a change and doing something different. Being someone different. The book keeps a steady pace and I was completely engaged from page one.

The h feels as if she is a nobody. She is lonely and feels unwanted and discarded. Yet she hides all of her pain behind a wall of heavy makeup, revealing clothes and sarcastic wit. No one knows who she is which only causes her to feel even more alone. What she craves is love, self worth and redemption. And also a sense of belonging. This book brought me to tears more than once but in most cases I cried because I was filled with such amazing hope. What a fantastic h. She was strong and determined and her path to finding her self was inspirational.

The H, definitely swoon worthy. He is intelligent, rich and British (I loved that the author allowed him to give the readers a lesson in British slang and words.) Although it would seem that he would come from a position of power when it came to the h, he was vulnerable and afraid of being hurt. Their path to love was beautiful and while the H definitely played a primary role in assisting the h in changing the course of her life it ultimately was her desire to do better and want more that made it happen.