The Carnalli Complex (Carnalli Brothers, #1) - Passhenette1 I can see why others have liked this and why it was recommended to me. Lots of hot sex and a definite taboo subject. didn't do it for me. I was completely entertained but the non consent was kinda absent and, when present, some of the non consent that was there wasn't the forced seduction kind that I like. I like some internal conflict where the person wants to say no, or not give in to the manipulations of another, but the pleasure of the interactions overwhelm them and take away their resistance. Some of this non consent was painful and when it wasn't the characters attempt to resist what was happening wasn't a focus. Very early on the incest aspect didn't offer a reason for the characters to resist the sexual pull they felt and then it just became a non issue because no one cared. Although for my purpose they weren't blood brothers, they were foster brothers. Still some kink but not enough to disturb me. Lol

Also, in the writing, some of the transitions were missing and there were many times that pronouns were used but not clarified. It was easy to figure out who was doing what but the errors were there.