Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher I thought the book was good. It kept me entertained but I lost some of the intensity and connection between Caleb and Olivia that I experienced in book 1. Olivia seemed so cold, stoic and heartless and I never thought of her that way before. Even when she was emotional I was disconnected. I especially hated that at the end of the book I felt somber and melancholy. I should have felt inspired and exalted, instead that damn epilogue made me feel down.

What TF does well, she does very well. She shows flawed people and examines their thought processes and motivations. No one is perfect and no one is without blame. There are reasons for the choices that people make and with those choices come consequences. And it's those consequences that fuel even more choices: good, bad or ugly. I enjoyed Caleb's POV but how he didn't pass out from exhaustion, I don't know. His relationship with Olivia was a roller coaster ride paved with heart wrenching, awful pain. But their love endured. It was beautiful but it sure as hell wasn't easy.