Reflected in You - Sylvia Day Loved this book. Gideon was just as obsessed with and committed to Eva and Eva was absolutely enraptured and enamored by Gideon. I love that Eva is so self aware and is constantly challenging herself to be a stronger, healthier person, She strives to not fall into old patterns and behaviors. She recognizes triggers in both herself and Gideon and her internal monologues were always perceptive. Eva is one of my favorite h's and I am grateful that SD didn't turn her into a whiny and annoying woman.

Eva recognizes her insecurities and always attempts to scrutinize where they are coming from. She is aware that her grasp of a situation may be different from Gideon's so she tries to understand his POV for added perspective. I appreciated that in this book I was treated to Gideon's analysis as well. The two of them working together, fighting for their relationship, made me appreciate this book so much more. There was a moment that I thought that RiY had gone too far but the way that SD allowed Gideon to understand the maneuverings of Eva's actions was impressive.

I love books that are smartly written. And RiY is smartly written.

As long as I continue to enjoy my time with Gideon and Eva and I am enthralled in their relationship I have no problem that the series continues. I'm looking forward to it. Fingers crossed that fresh ideas plague SD.