Poughkeepsie - Debra Anastasia I am mixed on how to rate this book. I liked that the book was more than I expected. I thought I would be reading a typical love story between two young people. I didn't expect the issues plaguing the H and I didn't expect the cast of characters inundated throughout this book and all the shit that would come with them. There was some action that kept me engaged and some back stories that captured my attention but then, OMG, there was the dialogue.

What was up with the ridiculous dialogue? Too often it was corny, hokey, sugary sweet. People just don't speak like these characters and that shit totally threw me off. Some of the dramatics were overly dramatic. Too dramatic. Cringe worthy dramatic. Also, this author spent an inordinate amount of time depicting how proper the H is and how he has impeccable manners. So I find it unlikely that he would enter the home of someone else without an invitation. No knocking, no ringing the doorbell, he just enters? I don't think so. I dislike when authors, in their need to create drama or angst, force characters to act in a way that they normally wouldn't. For. No. Good. Reason. It comes across as desperate, unoriginal and contrived. And the resulting drama that was created, in this instance, could have been done another way.

I really liked Beckett and Eve, though, and that entire aspect of the book. Okay, some of their dialogue skeeved me out but the idea of them was great. I like when characters are "bad" and the author is really invested in making sure that they do bad things. Pseudo bad gets old sometimes.