Dusty - YellowBella,  TeamBella23,  YellowGlue Dusty was heartbreaking, heart wrenching, and desperate. At times I felt despondent, sometimes appalled and at others sick in love. This damn book gutted me, through and through. The writing was beautiful and the characters were flawed and there was so much blame to go around that I don't even know where it starts and where it ends.

Although this story is often tragic and desolate and ill-fated it is also wondrous and triumphant and breathtaking. Dusty gives the most realistic portrayal of a destructive love story that I have ever read. I believed every misstep, every falter, every cry and every failure. I believed the joy and the love and the connections and I feared what would happen when lies were exposed and true characters were seen and realized.

There were parts where I felt inconsolable because I was so angry and frustrated but even then the story completely gripped me. Their crazed love allowed them to forsake everyone else, damage themselves and especially each other. Dusty and Bliss were captivating and passionate even among their pain and wreckage and while I hated them at times I also fucking loved them.

So much of this book is about smells and love and dependence and bad choices.

So many bad choices.